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About Us

Our Story

We are travel enthusiasts and believe that travelling is the most enriching experience for one. Passionate about empowering women and making travel safer for them, we want to establish a platform that acts as a one stop solution to meet their travel needs. Not only do we want to simplify travel but we also want to set up an eco-system that makes women maximize their travel experiences and for some, even look at travelling as a profession. Our model ensures that one can Phygitally travel the world seamlessly while keeping a larger goal of sustainable & responsible tourism in mind.

From time immemorial women have been wanderers and explorers. It is only now that it has become tough for women to travel solo and be safe. We have set upon a path to ensure that women can travel without any hesitation and have that extra bit of support and safety which is required to encourage them to travel solo.

We provide activity based travel options for the women who love to explore locations and experiences while on a holiday. We handpick our destination experts based on their expertise on the location and activities. We empower and support our TripPROviders™ to curate the perfect adventure/interest based holiday for you.

We love our wanderers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Contact us or leave a chat message to let us know more about you and also what we're doing right or what we can improve on. Our endeavour is to create an eco-system where women travellers do not need to think twice before booking their next adventure. #UnforgettableExperienceAssured

Who is Jane?

Have you ever felt like doing something new on your trips like performing yoga on the beach in Bali, trekking in Bhutan or even going biking at dawn in Goa? Do you always look out for the most adventurous and immersive travel experience on your holidays? If your answer is yes to any of the above situations, then YOU are Jane. We are always happy to help out people like Jane, people who are daring and courageous and love to try out new activities during their free time. Traveling solo during your free time, trying out hobbies like camping, surfing or scuba diving are just some of the pursuits our patrons are fond of, and strongly encouraged, especially if it's your first time doing so.

Let us see how many Janes we know, first one is ofcourse, fiercely independent and whip-smart Jane Eyre, there is Jane Porter, the female protagonist in Tarzan and also Amelia Jane the iconic persona from Enid Blyton’s books. Everyone's heard of plain Jane, Jane Doe, and all the other Janes strewed across both classical and modern fiction. But what about novelist Jane Austen, anthropologist Jane Goodall, and actress Jane Lynch—just a few real-life Janes who’ve achieved great success and made the name one of the most recognizable since the 16th century. Fluff-free and feisty, Jane, meaning “God is gracious,” is as classic as a name can get. Throughout history, the name 'Jane' has been associated with someone who is relatable, reliable and trustworthy, and everything we aspire to be at WanderingJane. Our company aspires to create an immersive, approachable ecosystem where girls can travel safely and comfortably to their favourite locations.

Here at WanderingJane, we assure you that your travel experience is the best it can be. From local experts guiding and assisting you throughout your trip to guides who are as passionate as travellers themselves, our team of experts will constantly strive to accommodate your every travel need. All our trips are curated carefully and are built around activities of your preference, and anything from hiking to meditating on a beach is possible with the unbeatable combination of our passion to help budding new travellers and the incredible vision they carry with them every day.

Meet the Founders

Akshat Sharma
Garima Pande

Being avid travellers themselves our founders Akshat & Garima, have always loved to explore a destination like a local. Their holidays have been about learning new skills and coming back with a new hobby every-time. Both, Akshat and Garima have worked in various corporates for over 10 years across industries like FMCG, Banking and IT. With WanderingJane they want every traveller to come back with a new experience from every holiday.